The Business Analyst program is a highly selective program sought after by undergraduates at Cornell. Classes have spanned majors, colleges, class years, and backgrounds. Entry to the program is competitive; our Business Analysts are responsible for conducting significant portions of the client work, meaning we search for noteworthy, intellectual, and ambitious students. Applications are open every semester.


Our recruitment approach is modeled after top global consulting firms. Therefore, our most competitive candidates exhibit leadership abilities, innovative intuition, entrepreneurial drive, and problem solving skills. Additionally, successful members have shown a willingness to learn. Consulting requires its practitioners to approach client work methodically and structurally. 

Business analysts working on a high-intensity client deliverable

Business analysts working on a high-intensity client deliverable


Business Analysts are staffed on projects immediately - much of the learning process comes with project experience. Everyone in the program is expected to contribute to the project according to what the Project Manager asks of them; this may include Powerpoint slide making, Excel data crunching, strategic brainstorming, and client presentations. Business Analysts are also expected to attend all Education Series sessions, New Member Bonding & Training, and other unlisted development events.


Noteworthy Business Analysts are promoted to the Associate position at the end of each semester. This upgraded position represents additional responsibility and creative work. To reach the Associate level, Business Analysts must produce consistent and high quality work combined with a reliable level of dedication to the club. Business Analysts are eligible to apply for a Project Manager position. Project Manager positions are awarded on a performance basis.


Our Business Analyst program and all working avenues beyond that offer a thorough and in-depth student experience. From grabbing dinner together at the Nines to working on late-night strategic recommendations in Sage Hall, members have taken the Cornell Consulting opportunity and thrived. Both current members and proud alumni currently flourish in a colorful variety of industries. Below is where you can find recent undergraduate placement and current alumni representation: